Canals (grand contour) and water distribution in England


extracts from the New Scientist


The Times letter editor did not fancy this but perhaps someone will start a campaign.  If so I will forward emails to interested correspondents

Feby 2006

In 1942 Mr JF Pownall proposed the Grand Water Canal, built to a 1,350 ton standard, as a distribution network linking major ports and industrial centres and a water grid bringing water from abundant to dry areas.  It was of course ignored.

In 1965, 20 years on and the war long over, Mr M Macfarlane, chairman of the development committee of the Inland Waterways Association reminded the government and public of this scheme.

Now, 40 years on, the government and others are still bleating about water shortages and inadequate bulk transport facilities.  As someone missed the 20 year reminder in the mid 80's, it is time now to nudge the government again in the hope that someday someone will notice - perhaps in time for the centenary of the project.

Roderick Ramage

Copehale, Coppenhall,

Stafford, ST18 9BW